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We’re reshaping what success means for you and flipping the script for generations of badass businesswomen to come. Welcome to the ultimate hangout where you can dive into our tribe of kickass mums who are building businesses that actually fit their lives – no side-eye judgments here, just a whole lot of curiosity and support. And guess what? We’re allergic to sugar coating, so you won’t find any fluff. We’re the squad that dishes out the real talk, tackles the tough stuff head-on, and dives into those tricky questions with a sprinkle of love. Get ready - we’re bringing our unfiltered selves to the table and digging deep! Get to know your host… Sarah is a business owner who has gone from overwhelmed and overbooked to successfully running a business AND being a great mum and wife. Through years of trial and error and PLENTY of mistakes, she’s learned how to create powerful frameworks that help businesses run sustainably, giving back time and energy to their owners. Now, she brings her knowledge to other female and mum entrepreneurs so they too can have a business that works perfectly with their life!

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Tuesday Feb 27, 2024

Sick of hearing that the reason you have to do the free labour is because you don't make enough money in your business?It's gutting to hear at the best of times... it get's super bad when it comes from your life partner. Buckle up - this episode Sarah's got her ranty pants on cause this topic makes her blood boil. 
🔥 Why It Matters: Let's cut to the chase. We're busting our butts trying to balance business, family, and life, but it feels like we're carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. Sound familiar?
💡 The Problem: Here's the deal: We're stuck in a cycle where we're expected to do it all, from running successful businesses to managing every aspect of household and parenting responsibilities. It's exhausting, it's unfair, and it's holding us back from reaching our full potential.
🚀 The Solution: It's time to flip the script and take back control. In this episode, I'm sharing practical strategies to break free from the second shift trap. We're talking about resetting expectations with our partners, fostering true co-parenting partnerships, and embracing outsourcing like a boss.
🎯 Key Moments:
Acknowledge the toll unbalanced responsibilities are taking on your business and well-being.
Have those tough conversations with your partner about sharing the load at home.
Set clear boundaries and expectations to create a more equitable partnership.
Don't be afraid to delegate and outsource tasks that drain your energy and focus.
💪 You're not alone in this struggle, and you have the power to change the game. By reclaiming your time and energy, you're paving the way for greater success in both your business and personal life.
🎙️ Tune in and Take Action: Listen up, Moxie Tribe! Tune in to the full episode for no-nonsense insights and inspiration to break free from the second shift struggle. Subscribe to The Moxie Movement Podcast on your favorite platform to stay in the loop on all our latest episodes.
📲 Connect with Us: Join the conversation on Instagram and Facebook for daily doses of real talk and empowerment. Got burning questions or topics you want us to tackle in future episodes? Shoot us a message on social media or hit us up at
Remember: You're a force to be reckoned with, and together, we're rewriting the rules and carving out our own path to success.
Til Next Time - Stay Moxie x

Tuesday Feb 20, 2024

🌟 Welcome to The Moxie Movement Podcast, where real talk replaces fluff, tough questions get tackled, and authenticity reigns supreme. I'm your host, Sarah Greener, and today's episode is a dive into the truths of the entrepreneurial journey, especially for us, the business-savvy moms juggling multiple roles. 🌟
Episode Snapshot:
In today's episode, we peel back the Instagram filters to reveal the real, often unseen, rollercoaster of running a business while balancing the demands of family life. From an overwhelming list of opportunities to the frustrating roadblocks that seem to pop up just as we get started, we're covering it all. We're here to remind you that whether you're in a phase of rapid growth or feeling stuck, it's all part of the journey.
What You'll Discover:
The Reality of Business Growth: It's not a highlight reel. We'll explore the ups and downs and the importance of pacing yourself through the different seasons of your business and personal life.
Strategies for Alignment: Learn how to align your business with your role as a mom, wife, and individual with her own needs. We'll share actionable steps to blend your business and personal life.
The Illusion of Control: Planning is crucial, and so is adaptability. Discover how to plan with flexibility and respond to the unexpected with grace and resilience.
Growth vs. Maintenance: Understand the two speeds of business - the high-energy phases of building and leveraging and the equally important periods of consolidation and maintenance.
Why This Matters:
As female entrepreneurs, we often face unique challenges that require us to navigate our businesses differently. This episode is a reminder that it's okay to give yourself grace, to celebrate the small wins, and to understand that the journey is as important as the destination. You're not alone in feeling overwhelmed or off-track; it's all part of building a legacy and a life you love.
👉 Subscribe to The Moxie Movement Podcast: Don't miss an episode of our empowering discussions designed to move you forward both personally and professionally. 👉 Follow Us: Join our vibrant community on Instagram and Facebook. Here, you can dive deeper into our conversations, share your stories, and even submit questions for future episodes. 👉 Stay Connected: We're not just a podcast; we're a movement. By connecting with us, you'll gain access to a supportive network of like-minded women, all on their own unique journeys but united in their pursuit of balance, success, and fulfillment.
Parting Thoughts:
In the world of business, especially as women who wear multiple hats, it's easy to get caught up in the comparison game, measuring our progress against the seemingly flawlessness of others on social media. Remember, for every highlight, there's a struggle that's not shown. Give yourself permission to navigate your path at your own pace, embracing both the challenges and victories along the way.
Until next time, keep stepping into your power, embracing your unique journey, and staying moxie. 🌈✨

Tuesday Feb 13, 2024

Welcome to Episode 22 of the Moxie Movement Podcast, where we dive deep into the heart of business communication and how it can sometimes feel like managing an adult daycare center. I’m your host, Sarah Greener, and today, we’re tackling the challenges of wearing the referee's hat in your business, navigating the complex world of team dynamics, and ensuring your team communicates in a way that propels your business forward.
In this episode, we explore the reality that as your team grows, so does the potential for friction. But here's the twist: the problem often isn't the people but the systems and communication styles they've been taught. Drawing from real-life scenarios and solutions that have transformed the workplace dynamics of my clients, we delve into the strategies that can shift your business from a tension-filled space to one of mutual respect and understanding.
Key Takeaways:
- The Importance of Systems: Discover why a lack of clear systems often underlies team disagreements and how establishing solid operational protocols can eliminate 80% of workplace friction.
- Empowering Assertive Communication: Learn about teaching your team the art of assertive communication, ensuring they express their needs and wants effectively, without tipping into aggression or passiveness.
- Values as Behavioral Standards: Understand how aligning team communication with your business values can set a clear standard for interactions, reducing conflicts and enhancing cohesion.
Your Leadership Legacy: This isn’t just about making your day-to-day easier (though it certainly does that too); it’s about leaving a legacy of growth, respect, and empowerment within your team. By fostering an environment where respectful communication is the norm, you’re not just improving your business—you’re enhancing the lives of everyone involved.Take Action with the Moxie Movement Today!- Subscribe to the Moxie Movement Podcast: Don’t miss out on future episodes where we tackle the real issues faced by women in business, offering practical advice and heartfelt support.
- Follow Us on Social Media: Join our vibrant community on Instagram and Facebook for daily inspiration, behind-the-scenes peeks, and the opportunity to submit your questions for upcoming episodes.
- Step into Your Leadership Role: If you're ready to move beyond being the adult daycare center manager and into a role that truly reflects your impact as a leader, then it’s time to take action. Dive deeper into our resources, courses, and community support designed to elevate your business and your life.
Remember, your business shouldn't feel like an adult daycare center. You're not just managing a team; you're leading people towards a common goal, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive. It's time to empower your team with the tools for effective communication, align them with your values, and watch as your business transforms.
Stay moxie, and let’s redefine what it means to lead with purpose, passion, and a whole lot of heart.
Until next time, keep pushing boundaries and stepping into your power.

Tuesday Feb 06, 2024

Welcome back, Moxie mavens, to another empowering episode of The Moxie Movement Podcast. Today, we're veering off the beaten path to explore a crucial, yet often overlooked, element of success - your environment. Yes, before we dive into mindset and strategies, let's talk about the space where the magic happens. Because, believe it or not, the key to unlocking your full potential could very well lie in the tidiness of your room, or the setup of your workspace. 🌟
Sarah Greener, your guide and fellow journeyer on this path to balanced success, delves deep into how our surroundings - from the clutter on our desks to the digital chaos on our screens - can significantly influence our productivity, creativity, and overall well-being. Whether you're tuning in from the bustling streets of New York, the serene islands of New Zealand, or anywhere in between, this episode is a reminder that sometimes, the foundation of a powerful mindset is as simple as a clean, organized space.
Key Takeaways:
- The Impact of Environment: Learn how your physical and digital spaces directly affect your brain health and productivity.
- Practical Tips for Success: Sarah shares actionable steps to transform your workspace into a catalyst for business growth.
- Digital Decluttering: Discover the importance of organizing your digital life for clearer thinking and efficiency.
- Creating High-Energy Spaces: Find out how to infuse your work environment with positive energy and vibes that scream, "You got this!"
Challenge for you: 
Tidy one small area of your office every day. Whether it's a drawer, a digital file, or just your desktop, watch how this small act can bring clarity and focus. Remember, it's not just about clearing space; it's about setting the stage for success.
Join the Movement:
Don't miss out on becoming part of our growing community of business-savvy moms and women. Subscribe to The Moxie Movement Podcast for your weekly dose of real talk, actionable advice, and a side of moxie. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay connected and submit your questions for upcoming episodes. Together, let's rewrite the narrative of success and create environments that reflect our power and potential.
Your Next Steps:
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Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more behind-the-scenes content and inspirational stories.
Engage with our community by submitting your questions for future episodes.
Let's embrace the power of our environment to shape our success story. Remember, it's not just about building a business; it's about crafting a life filled with purpose, passion, and a whole lot of moxie. Ready to transform your space and mindset for unparalleled success? This episode is your first step.
#TheMoxieMovement #EnvironmentBeforeMindset #CraftYourSuccess #WomenInBusiness #Empowerment #ProductivityTips

Tuesday Jan 30, 2024

🎙️ Welcome to Episode 20 of The Moxie Movement Podcast, where we're tossing out the fluff and getting real about business and life. I'm your host, Sarah Greener, and today we're diving deep into a topic that's been the silent saboteur for many female entrepreneurs: "Hopium".
Episode Summary:
In this episode, we tackle the hidden dangers of relying solely on hope as a strategy in both business and personal challenges. We've all been there, saying things like "I hope it's going to get better" or "I'm hoping to achieve this in my business". But here's the thing: Hope, while essential, is not a strategy. I share personal stories, including a tough journey with my husband's health, to illustrate why replacing "hopium" with definitive action is key to success.
Key Takeaways:
Hope is Not a Strategy: Learn why hope, although necessary, can't be the sole driver of your business and personal goals.
Action Over Hope: Discover how shifting from hoping to doing – using positive, forward-facing language and taking real-world actions – can transform your aspirations into realities.
The Power of Identity: Understand the importance of stepping into the identity of the business owner you aspire to be and how this can massively impact your success trajectory.
The Trap of “It Worked So Well, I Stopped Doing It”: Uncover why consistency in effective practices is crucial and how to avoid the pitfall of abandoning strategies that work.
Why You Can't Miss This Episode:
If you've ever found yourself trapped in a cycle of hoping for better outcomes without seeing tangible results, this episode is a must-listen. It's time to shift from a passive to an active mindset, empowering you to take control and make strides towards the business and life you desire.
Engage with Us:
We love hearing from our Moxie community! Got a question or a topic you want us to cover? Follow and message us on Instagram and Facebook. Your question might just be the focus of our next podcast!
Don't forget to subscribe to The Moxie Movement Podcast for more episodes like this. Join us as we break norms, empower women, and rewrite the narrative of female entrepreneurship.
Stay Moxie, and See You Next Episode!
Remember, it's not just about hoping – it's about doing. Let's step into our power, redefine success, and be the glorious exceptions to the statistics. Till next time, stay moxie, my friends!

Thursday Jan 25, 2024

🎙️ Welcome to Episode 19 of The Moxie Movement Podcast! I'm your host, Sarah Greener, and today we dive deep into an emotion we're all too familiar with as business-savvy moms and women – frustration. But here's the twist: I'm about to reveal how this emotion can be your secret weapon in business and life. 🚀
🔥 Topic Spotlight: Frustration isn't just an obstacle; it's a goldmine of information. We often view it as a negative emotion, especially when juggling our roles as mothers, wives, and entrepreneurs. But what if I told you that your frustration, and indeed all your emotions, hold the key to empowering change in your business and personal life?
📚 In this episode, I chat about my recent brush with frustration – a challenge we faced in our tourism business in the Far North of New Zealand. The roads were closed at the worst possible time, and it hit us hard. But, this experience highlights a huge business lesson: understanding and harnessing our emotions can be a game-changer. 
✨ Key Takeaways:
Identify the Source: Recognize that frustration often stems from focusing on things beyond our control.
Reclaim Your Power: Shift your focus to what you CAN control – your thoughts, feelings, and actions.
Turn Obstacles into Opportunities: Use emotions as data points to adjust your strategies and communication.
📈 Real Business Impact: Learn how these insights transformed not only my outlook but also our business operations, leading to more effective and proactive solutions.
💬 Let's Connect: Your emotions are a crucial part of your business journey. I want to hear from you! Share what emotions have surfaced in your business recently and how you've tackled them. Join the conversation over on Instagram and Facebook, and don't forget to subscribe to The Moxie Movement podcast for more business insights.
📖 Extra Resource: In need of some practical guidance? Check out "The Off Switch Book" for actionable steps to align your business with your desired life. And for those seeking a breakthrough, our Moxie Breakthrough Session is just a click away – let's overcome the juggle together and take your business to new heights.
Subscribe, Follow, and Engage! We're not just building businesses here; we're building lives. And remember, every emotion you experience is a stepping stone to greater success and fulfillment. Stay moxie, and let's rewrite our stories together.
Until next time, embrace your emotions and turn them into your superpower. 💪
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Stay Moxie, and see you in the next episode! 🌟

Tuesday Jan 09, 2024

In this episode, Sarah Greener dives into the heart of goal setting as we step into 2024. Are you ready to flip the script on New Year's resolutions and embrace a process that truly aligns with your multifaceted life as a businesswoman, mother, and partner? Sarah reveals the secret sauce of the Moxie Movement - a strategy that promises not just to set goals but to live them every day. 
📝 What You'll Learn:
Why traditional New Year's resolutions might be setting you up for disappointment.
The transformative power of a 10-year vision, and how to break it down into actionable, daily rituals.
Sarah's personal journey and how she implemented these changes for  growth in life and business.
Key strategies to identify and conquer your "domino goal" for 2024.
🔥 Featured Moments:
[00:05:00] The Pitfalls of Overambitious Goal Setting: Understanding why we often falter with grand New Year's resolutions.
[00:07:00] The 10-Year Vision Concept: How to set long-term visions and break them into achievable milestones.
[00:09:00] Sarah's Cold Shower Ritual: A personal anecdote illustrating the power of daily habits.
[00:13:00] Identifying Your Domino Goal: The key to unlocking exponential growth in your business and personal life.
💡 Key Takeaway:
"2024 is about stacking small, consistent actions that align with your grand vision. It's not about a race; it's about building a sustainable, joyful journey toward success."

Thursday Jan 04, 2024

Hey Moxie Movers! Welcome back to another empowering episode of the Moxie Movement podcast. I'm your host, Sarah Greener, and today in Episode 17, we're diving deep into a topic close to my heart and, I bet, yours too.
🎙️ In This Episode:
We're exploring the entangling vines of perfectionism and how it's been a personal journey for me – one that I'm still navigating. I share a recent experience that highlights my ongoing battle with perfectionism and how I'm learning to balance it with the demands of being a business owner, a mom, a wife, and more. This episode is a candid conversation about giving yourself grace while remaining consistent in your business.
🚀 Why This Matters:
Perfectionism can be a business's silent roadblock. It's that nagging voice telling you it's not good enough or you're not working hard enough. We address why striving for perfection can lead to stagnation and how embracing progress, even if imperfect, is the real game-changer.
✨ Key Takeaways:
Progress over perfection: Why this mantra wins every time.
The illusion of the perfect moment and how it holds us back.
Setting realistic deadlines to combat perfectionist tendencies.
Embracing the beauty of imperfection in your business journey.
🔥 Real Talk Alert:
I get real about the pressure of juggling house renovations, end-of-year activities, and podcast recording. Learn how I navigated these challenges without sacrificing my sanity or family time.
💡 Sarah’s Insights:
Hear about the 'Six-Minute Email' philosophy and how it revolutionized my approach to tasks. Plus, discover the power of the 'Success Map' in overcoming perfectionism in business processes.
🎉 Moxie Movement Mantra:
"Embrace the progress, one percent better every day. Let go of perfection and step boldly into action."

Tuesday Dec 05, 2023

🎙️ Welcome to another episode of The Moxie Movement Podcast, where we ditch the fluff and dive deep into real talk for business-savvy moms like you. I'm your host, Sarah Greener, and today, we're tackling a topic that's crucial yet often overlooked: pricing increases in your business. 🚀
Key Highlights:
Why Annual Price Increases are a Must: Discover why it's critical to adjust your prices yearly, even if it's just a slight increase. In this episode, I break down the psychology behind regular price increments and how it sets expectations with your clients - just like big corporations do.
The Pitfalls of Stagnant Pricing: Hear about the dangers of not increasing your prices and how it can erode your profit margins. I share personal insights and industry knowledge on why keeping your prices static can be more harmful than you think.
Strategies for Communicating Price Increases: Learn the art of conveying price changes to your clients. I provide simple yet effective communication techniques to help you navigate this transition smoothly.
This Week's Golden Nugget: Remember, it's not just about raising prices; it's about valuing your worth and ensuring the sustainability of your business. If you've been holding back on price increases, now is the time to make that change.
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In this episode, we're not just discussing numbers; we're reshaping mindsets. It's time to step into your power, embrace the value you bring, and reflect it in your pricing. You're more than a business owner; you're a change-maker, a boundary-pusher, and a narrative-rewriter. Let's make sure your prices reflect that.
🌟 Remember: You're the heart and soul of your business. Your pricing should mirror the incredible value you and your team bring to the table. So, go ahead, send that email, make that call, and start 2024 with the right price on your product. Because you, my friend, are absolutely worth it.
Until next time, keep rewriting your story, stepping into your power, and join me in changing the narrative for business-savvy moms worldwide. 🌍✨
#MoxieMovement #Empowerment #BusinessGrowth #PricingStrategy
This episode of The Moxie Movement Podcast is brought to you by The Moxie Movement. Empowering women to achieve financial and personal success without sacrificing well-being, family time, or sanity.

Friday Dec 01, 2023

🎙️ Welcome to a special December episode of The Moxie Movement podcast with your host, Sarah Greener. In this episode, we're diving headfirst into the holiday hustle - a time filled with tinsel, tasks, and... tension?
🌟 Episode Overview: December can be a whirlwind of deadlines and decorations, especially for us business-savvy moms. This episode is a heart-to-heart about managing the festive frenzy, balancing business with the chaos of Christmas, and most importantly, the power of saying "No."
📆 Key Topics:
The Christmas Deadline: A Myth We've Crafted?
Balancing Business and Festive Preparations
Strategies to Manage End-of-Year Workload
The Importance of Family Time During the Holidays
Saying "No" for a More Joyful Christmas
👩‍💼 For the Business Mums: Sarah talks candidly about managing the December rush both at home and in business. From Christmas dinners to client deadlines, this episode is packed with tips to navigate this busy season without losing sight of what truly matters.
💬 Key Takeaway: It's not just about getting through December; it's about enjoying it. Remember, saying "No" can often mean saying "Yes" to joy, presence, and peace of mind.
🎧 Listen and Subscribe: Don't miss out on this empowering conversation! Subscribe to The Moxie Movement Podcast on your favorite platform. Let's step into this festive season with intention and grace.
📱 Join Our Community: Follow us on ⁠Instagram ⁠and ⁠Facebook⁠ for daily doses of empowerment and practical tips. Got a question for Sarah or a topic you want covered in future episodes? Drop us a message on social media!
💌 Join us: Your journey to balancing life, family, and business starts here. Tune into The Moxie Movement Podcast and be part of a community that's rewriting the narrative for business moms everywhere. Click subscribe, join our community, and let's make this Christmas season one to remember for all the right reasons.
Ready to Breakthrough to the Next Level? ⁠Grab some 1 to 1 time with Sarah here⁠
✨ Remember, at The Moxie Movement, we're not just building businesses; we're building lives. Let's embrace this festive season with less stress and more moxie! 🌟


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